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Lamu, Town Island and Archipelago, all of the same name, lie 2 degrees below the Equator along Kenya’s coast. The Archipelago is a chain of islands separated from the Mainland by a narrow channel bordered with dense mangrove forest and protected from the Indian Ocean by coral reefs and large sand dunes. The many historical sites are proof of the area’s long and rich history which, when combined with the natural attraction of its tropical setting, make Lamu a wonderful place to visit. The naturally protected harbour on its northeast side led to the founding of Lamu Town, which became a center of coastal commerce. Today, Lamu’s economy is still dominated by maritime activities: shipping fishing, mangrove cutting and shipbuilding.


By Air from Nairobi twice a day, from Mombasa once a day , from Malindi twice a day.
By Road: from Mombasa and Malindi twice a day.


In the village of Shela, in the island of Lamu, Kijani Hotel offer a unique accommodation with its 3000 sq meter of tropical garden, with leads directly to the sea, and two fresh water small swimming pools.Each room has a bathroom and has its own balcony or veranda facing the garden and the sea. The rooms are spread throughout the garden into three small separate traditional Swahili building which formerly were private Arabe homes, made of coral walls with boriti ceiling and makuti roofs.Kijani is completely furnished with antiques collected in Lamu Archipelago.

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