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Malindi is a bijou tropical heaven while Watamu is a serene part of sultry paradise. The coastal resort of Malindi and Watamu are world leaders in the accessibility beauty diversity of marine life which lives just off-shore on Barracuda and North Reef coral reefs and Turtle and Whale Islands. In addition to a warm silken sands, hot golden sunshine and foaming shimmering ocean waves, Malindi offers you elegant resorts serene hideaways and exquisite restaurants all nestled on the northern coastline of Kenya.

Together, Malindi and Watamu present fantastic beaches lined with rainforest. The small town of Malindi is at the centre of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches offering the visitor a range of world class resorts and quiet relaxing hideaways. Further south, the sleepy village of Watamu is fronted by wide white beaches. This tranquil haven is home to several well established resorts, and many private guesthouses scattered through the forest along the deserted shore.

The coral reefs are home to over 140 species of hard and soft coral. Their symbiotic relationships with the chlorophyll generating plants give the corals their spectacular night-time phosphorescent colors. The reef plays a diverse role. As well as bio-diversity strongholds they are breeding grounds for fish and other marine life a vital barrier against the force of the sea protecting marine organisms and tourist recreation they keep out dangerous sharks common to the deeper waters and their colour and exotic coral fish they support provides a major attraction for tourists. The historic Gede Ruins in Watamu offer an interesting excursions.

At Watamu a Marine National Park has been established, an ideal day trip for divers and snorkellers alike. Northwest of Malindi is the spectacular Marafa Depression, locally known as Nyari and popularly known as Hell's Kitchen. An extensive series of sandstone gorges and sheer gullies, this unique and otherworldly landscape has become part of local folklore.



The gateway to the North Coast is Mombasa, although some visitors fly directly to Malindi. The Coastal highway runs north of Mombasa all the way to Kenya’s northern frontier. Driving your own car or hired car as far as Malindi is very easy.

Malindi airport has daily scheduled flights to Mombasa, Nairobi and Lamu. The airport also serves Private Charters.


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For travellers seeking a peaceful and relaxing tropical idyll far from the madding crowd, this is an ideal destination. Take a Beach safari to Malindi and Watamu- Walk through the Forest, explore the mangroves by boat, dive on the reef or try your hand at big game fishing.



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