City Hotels - Kampala City

Kampala is a compelling and confident city, the centre of political intrigue, commercial activity and intellectual excellence in Uganda. Today’s forward-looking capital is vastly different from the battered city to which it was reduced to in the 1980s. Modern buildings have sprung up all over the city, and old, dilapidated ones are slowly being renovated. But it’s not only the buildings that are in better shape; there is a confidence about Kampala residents today that is infectious. Kampala cuts it.


Movement in and around Kampala should be easy as the city is covered by a reliable transport network. Some distances in the capital are walkable. You may choose to use commuter taxis covering all corners of the city or hire a cab/taxi off any street. Executive car hire is also available fro the many rent-a-car companies in the city.

Another common feature is the Boda-Boda(Motorbike) transport majorly used for shorthaul shuttles in city


Kasumbi Tombs

A Unesco world heritage site, these tombs were built in 1881 and currently house the remains of 4 kingsof the Buganda Kingdoms, one of the most powerful kingdoms in pre-colonial Africa.


This basilica is dedicated to 22 young Christian congregants who were brutally murdered between 1885-1887 by Kabaka Mwanga for their allegiance to christianity. They were beatified in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV and later canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964. The 22 Martyrs are the only African saints to whom a basilica is dedicated and they are the largest group of saints ever canonized by the Catholic Church.

Uganda Museum

Established in 1908, the Uganda Museum is one of Africa’s foremost historical collections and gives you an evolutionary and ethnic life story of Uganda through the times.

Ndere Centre

Get treated to authentic Uganda Music, dance and Drama with exhilarating performance from over 50 tribes in Uganda

Arts & Craft

The finest collection of Ugandan Art. Drawings, crafts.

Kampala Snake Park

Located off the Kampala-Entebbe highway, the Kampala Snake Park is home to many species of Africa's snakes including the forest cobra, olive snake, green mamba, Jameson's mamba, bush viper, African rock python, rhinoceros viper, twig snakes etc.


Its location is about 35 kilometres, by air, north of Entebbe International Airport, Uganda's largest airport.


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