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Aberdare National Park

Encircled by the wild and beautiful moorlands of the highest mountain rangein Kenya, this atmospheric park offers a mist wreathed realm where elephants roam through linchen hung forests, spectacular waterfalls plunge into churning pools and have trout filled streams which cascade through mossy dells.


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BY ROAD: The park is readily accessible on tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru on the eastern side and it’s 150 Kms from Nairobi. A road crosses the park through the lower slopes upto the Moorlands to connect with another on e from Naivasha on the western side. Naivasha is 87 Kms from Nairobi.

BY AIR: The nearest airstrip is the Mweiga Airstrip on the opposite side from Park Hqs along Nyeri – Nyahururu road near Sasini Estate Farm.


Elephants dominantly rule the waterholes and salt licks. There are other animals which also come to drink water such as lions and hyenas; they have to contend with elephants seeing them off at great speed. Some animals such as Leopards are shy and mostly seen under the night-time floodlight.

While doing game drives or walks through the forest, you may reveal some of the monkeys for whom the Aberdare National Park is ideal habitat, and some of the many birds found here. In the forest there are many animals like red Duiker, Suni, Bushbuck, some of the best known black-Elephant, Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, Leopard, etc. The moorland thickets are the home of Bush Duiker and Black - fronted Duiker and also the Black Rhino.

Bird life found in the forest is abundant and varied. The most conspicuous group is the sunbird. Four species are found mostly are Tacazze Sunbird, Golden-winged Sunbird, the emerald green Malachite Sunbird and tiny double collared Sunbird.

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